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<title>Heiki Lõhmus</title>
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<h1>Heiki Lõhmus</h1>
Heiki first joined our community as a translator back in 2011 and quickly
became involved in all areas of our work. They have served as a member of the
legal association since 2013 and as vice president of the FSFE since Fall 2016.
Over their long history of volunteering with us, Heiki has worked within FSFE
to improve volunteer engagement, make participation in FSFE safer and more
appealing to marginalized groups, and simplify the structure of the FSFE. To
that end they have been involved in preparing, ensuring the successful passage
of, and implementing our Code of Conduct and a number of constitutional
changes. Volunteer engagement, diversity, and inclusivity remain Heiki's
current priorities within FSFE.
Heiki has also contributed to a number of our efforts to promote software
freedom and interoperability. They have liaised with public administrations to
stop them promoting proprietary software and to encourage them to release
software they develop as Free Software. Heiki has further educated the public
about Free Software at conferences and fairs.
In their professional life, Heiki is currently a doctoral researcher at
Lancaster University, where they use altimetry satellites to study ice loss on
the Greenland Ice Sheet. Before that they spent two years teaching physics and
chemistry at school. As such, Heiki is particularly interested in the
intersections of software freedom, scientific research, and education.
Heiki holds the Master of Engineering degree in aeronautical engineering from
the University of Glasgow and enjoys hiking and climbing when not volunteering
for FSFE or pursuing their research.
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<li>Vice president (2016–…)</li>
<li>GA member (2013–…)</li>
<li>Volunteer (2011–…)</li>