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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
  2. <html>
  3. <head>
  4. <title>Galia Mancheva - FSFE</title>
  5. <style type="text/css">
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  7. .zzz {color:transparent;display:inline-block;float:right;font-size:.001px;width: 0px;}
  8. </style>
  9. </head>
  10. <body>
  11. <p id="category"><a href="/about/team.html">Team</a></p>
  12. <h1>Galia Mancheva</h1>
  13. <div style="float: right; padding:1em;">
  14. <img src="mancheva.jpg" width="300" title="Galia Mancheva" />
  15. </div>
  16. <div style="float:left; width: 53%">
  17. <p style="text-align:center">Project Manager</p>
  18. <p style="clear:left"> I am a full time project manager, focusing on the <a href="">Legal Licensing Workshop </a>, <a href="">FOSS4SMEs </a>, and <a href=""> I Love Free Software Day. </a>.</p>
  19. <p>My professional background includes EU digital policy on <a href="">Digital Single Market </a> dossiers, such as the digital chapters in International Trade Agreements like TTIP, CETA, and TiSA; Data Protection and e-Privacy; IoT; Big Data, Digital Copyright and IPR, Net Neutrality Electronic Identification and Verification, and, etc. I have a deep understanding of Digital Economy and European Policy processes and their impact on investments, development and human rights.</p>
  20. <h2 id="contact">I can be reached over:</h2>
  21. <ul>
  22. <li><em>jabber:</em>; </li>
  23. <li><em>email:</em>; </li>
  24. <li><em>twitter:</em> <a href="">@malinagalina</a></li>
  25. <li> GnuPG: 0x80408b16cadd6573 </li>
  26. </ul>
  27. </div>
  28. </body>
  29. <timestamp></timestamp>
  30. </html>
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