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<p id="category"><a href="/about/about.html">About</a></p>
<h1>Jobs at the FSFE</h1>
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The FSFE is a charity dedicated to empowering users to control technology.
We are working to build freedom in digital society. The organisation
depends on its diverse staff from different professional backgrounds.
Learn about the various opportunities for your engagement for Free
We are looking for smart, motivated people who want to dedicate their work
time for the advancement of Free Software on numerous levels. The FSFE is
open for most employment forms: full-time or part-time, internships,
traineeships or working student jobs, based at our main office or remotely –
we are looking forward to get to know you!
<h2>About the FSFE</h2>
Free Software Foundation Europe is a charity that empowers users to control
technology. Software is deeply involved in all aspects of our lives and it
is important that technology empowers rather than restricts us. Free
Software gives everybody the rights to use, understand, adapt, and share
software. These rights help support other fundamental freedoms like freedom
of speech, press, and privacy.
The FSFE helps individuals and organisations to understand how Free Software
contributes to freedom, transparency, and self-determination. It enhances
users' rights by abolishing barriers to Free Software adoption, encourages
people to use and develop Free Software, and provides resources to enable
everyone to further promote Free Software in Europe.
The FSFE operates in a lively environment of numerous volunteers from many
countries and several full-time employees. We are involved in <a
href="/activities/">many activities</a> in <a href="/about/ourwork/">social,
political, legal, and technical areas</a> that are driven by staff and
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Matthias Kirschner, President of the FSFE
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Alexandra Busch, former FSFE intern
<h2>Our offer to you</h2>
As part of the FSFE's staff, you will work for important issues that shape
our today's and future society. You will drive activities for a dynamic and
relevant NGO. You can enjoy the freedom to take the initiative and put your
ideas into practice. The exchange with colleagues and communities will open
your mind and connect you with various actors in your working area and
You will become member of a diverse staff, with some located in Berlin
around our main office and some working fully remotely. Moreover you will
also be part of the FSFE's community, a broad and large group of people
spread all over Europe and beyond. That is why good communication is a key
asset for us which will keep you in touch with the multitude of activities
going on within the organisation.
<h2>Your opportunities</h2>
Due to our wide focus on public awareness, policy advocacy, legal support,
research, education, and the technical environment we operate in, we
appreciate talents from all these spheres. The FSFE also depends on a solid
administrative backbone for financial and office operations.
For <strong>permanent positions</strong>, please have a look at the <a
href="#related-list">latest job openings listed below</a>. For each
position, we describe the individual profile, tasks, and requirements in
detail. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept unsolicited applications
for permanent positions, but you can <a href="/contact/">contact us</a> if
you have questions.
Another cornerstone of our staff are <strong>interns and trainees</strong>.
They enjoy the freedom to look into different working areas and get to know
a pan-European NGO from the very inside. Applications for these positions
are welcome any time, but slots are limited. We have listed more details on
a <a href="/about/jobs/internship">dedicated page</a>.
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<img class="img-circle" src="/graphics/olga.jpg" alt="Olga Gkotsopoulou" />
My eleven months as trainee and part of the FSFE's international team,
have been full with new things to learn, great people to meet,
challenges to overcome and opportunities to grasp. There was never a
boring day. I was involved in high-level legal and policy work as well
as community building and awareness-raising activities. I was in the
core preparation team of short and long-term campaigns.
<cite>Olga Gkotsopoulou, Intern 2017</cite>
To stay up-to-date with new job opportunities, we recommend to follow our <a
href="/news/">news</a> and sign up for the <a
href="/news/newsletter.html">monthly newsletter</a>. To bridge the time
between your general interest in the FSFE and your application and
eventually job start date, you are also welcome to <a
href="/contribute/">contribute as a volunteer</a> to the FSFE and Free
Software as a whole.
We are looking forward to your application!
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