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Back at work? Still looking for a good New Year's Resolution?
2009 will be an important year for FSFE, not the least because the General Assembly will see the first Fellow elected into its midst by general election among all active Fellows of FSFE. The Fellowship will also continue to play a direct role in FSFE's activities.

2009, a new year

What can I do to improve things for myself and others?

Maybe I can join those who
work for freedom in the digital era

… contribute with my own hands
and resources to Free Software
and its values

… become part of a community of
volunteers working for freedom
and individual control of
data and software

… walk with them, for a world
of social justice, freedom and

… and participate directly into
the organisation and
its activities if I want to.

I can do all that by
joining the FSFE Fellowship,
or helping a friend to join.

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