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The Fellowship is the primary way people can identify with and support the Free Software Foundation Europe. It provides collaborative tools for supporters to describe what they are doing and interact with each other. The Fellowship is a society for people who want to help the Free Software movement grow.

Increase FSFE's financial independence!

Supporting freedom can mean having to be straightforward at times and that requires financial independence. With your yearly contribution, you lay the foundations for incorruptible and undeviating work.

Increase FSFE's political weight!

Supporting freedom can mean having to stand up against powerful opponents and that requires a strong voice. Your support adds weight to FSFE's message and increases its impact on political decision makers.

Increase FSFE's workforce!

Supporting software freedoms all over Europe requires helpers with vital local knowledge. As a Fellow, you can become FSFE's eyes, ears and hands wherever you live.

Local meetings

Active Fellowship groups are emerging in more and more European cities. These groups allow Fellows from an area to meet and get to know one another. Groups undertake activities ranging from a comfortable beer to running public awareness events.

As a Fellow, you get:

Decide for yourself!

As a Fellow, you decide how involved you want to get: from simple (and much appreciated) financial support, over contributing to discussions online and at Fellowship meetings, to becoming an elected representative of the Fellowship on FSFE's General Assembly - everything is possible.

Join today!

You can join the Fellowship now (also see the FAQ about our secure website policy). If you have any questions about the Fellowship, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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