I ♥ Free Software

Valentine's Day is a celebration of love, and it's a great day to declare your love and gratitude to the people behind every Free Software initiative and organisation. Why not make this February 14th a very special day and show them that you appreciate their work?

Time to go public

Behind every Free Software initiative and organisation are real, passionate hard-working people. Show them that you appreciate their work – it could make all the difference! Some Free Software advocates have already told us why they love Free Software. Come and follow their example, declare your love to Free Software!

There are lots of ways to declare one's love... Here are some ideas on how you can go public and proclaim your love to Free Software.

Money can't buy you love...

… but it can help to fight for your freedom. Donate to FSFE or another Free Software initiative to express your gratitude. They depend on your contribution to continue their work. So check out your favourite organisation and make a donation. You can be sure they will love you back.

Show your love

Spread the Free Software Love

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Banner with hearts in modified FSFE logo saying “I love Free Software!”
Banner with hearts saying “I love Free Software!”
Banner with hearts saying “Show you love for Free Software – I love Free Software!”
Transparent heart with “I love Free Software! – Show your love”
Microbutton saying “#ilovefs”
Microbutton saying “#ilovefs”

We also have the graphics available in scalable SVG format if you need to make adjustments. We welcome translations of these graphics: Please send your finished translations to translators@fsfeurope.org to have them published here.

Thanks to Markus Meier for making the graphics!

Why they love Free Software

"On Valentines Day, the Society for Free Culture and Software, extends their love to projects such as Audacity, GIMP, Inkscape and other audiovisual tools. These tools form the backbone of the infrastructure needed to support free culture and while Free Culture could technically exist independently of Free Software, the two movements share a common philosophy of freedom which make the two inseparable. Without Free Software, our activities would be so much more difficult to carry out, and no Free Culture project would be able to enjoy the full freedoms without the infrastructure created by Free Software projects such as those outlined before. To everyone engaged in supporting this infrastructure: thank you! We love you!"
Jonas Oberg, Society for Free Culture and Software (Föreningen fri kultur och programvara)

Free Software is central to everything KDE does and without Free Software KDE software could not exist.
KDE relies overwhelmingly on volunteer contributions from people all around the world who, initially, do not know one another. Free Software provides the social contract that makes such contributions possible, as our volunteers know they are helping to create a common good that can be shared by all.
Free Software and the shared purpose it creates also gives KDE its distinctive non-hierarchical meritocratic structure. Without the principles of Free Software, KDE would need centralised control of the software copyrights and, in turn, a set of leaders determining the direction of the software we produce. Our contributors would have less ability to try out new ideas, to work on the things that really matter to them and, above all, to be Free.
Without Free Software, there would be no KDE. Free Software gives KDE life. KDE loves Free Software.
Cornelius Schumacher, President of KDE e.V.

"A few decades ago the word "Freedom" had a very different meaning than today. We live in a digital society in which many aspects of our lives, and of our Freedom, go through a digital medium. Having full control of the software we use is therefore the only way to achieve full control of our Freedom. I love Free Software because I take care of my Freedom."
Massimo Barbieri, Member of the LUG Scandiano and Fellow of FSFE

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