1 20 Years FSFE: Interviewing past interns

20 Years FSFE: Interviewing past interns

In the final publication about 20 Years FSFE, we want to thank everyone who has worked for the organisation in an internship position. We contacted eight former interns and asked them about their time at the FSFE and their current involvement with Free Software.

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These interviews are only a glimpse of the many people who have helped shaping the FSFE with their contributions in an internship position. An internship in the FSFE can be an intensive yet enriching experience. It familiarises people with the use of Free Software and it helps them networking with the Free Software community. We have asked eight of our former interns about their time at the FSFE and how they are doing today: Diego, George, Lucile, Lyudmila, Martin, Matti, Polina, Stian.

Diego Naranjo is the head of policy in the European Digital Rights (EDRi) organisation.

George Brooke-Smith focuses on Risk Management in the KPMG company.

Lucile Falgueyrac is a Parliamentary assistant in the European Parliament.

Lyudmila Vaseva is a software developer at ctrl.alt.coop eG.

Martin Husovec is an assistant professor and academic specialising in IP law at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Matti Lammi is a System Specialist at ETLA Economic Research.

Polina Malaja is a Policy Director in the CENTR organisation.

Stian Rødven-Eide is a Doctoral researcher in computational linguistics at the University of Gothenburg.

Looking back, what did the FSFE inters learn during their internship?

Are former interns still active in software freedom?

What do former FSFE interns wish for the future of the FSFE?

Thank you!

Thanks Diego, George, Lucile, Lyudmila, Martin, Matti, Polina, Stian, and all FSFE interns during these 20 years. Everyone who uses and develops Free Software, everyone who researches and advocates for Free-Software-related issues, everyone who donates and volunteers in the FSFE, is irreplaceable and takes software freedom a step further.

With this article we conclude the celebrations for the twenty years since the founding of the FSFE in 2001. 20 years FSFE was an opportunity to thank everyone who has helped the organisation since the beginning. You might also be interested in the interviews with the founder of the organisation, Georg Greve, the former Financial Officer Reinhard Müller, the founder of the FSF Latin America Fernanda Weiden, or the creator of the Free Your Android campaign Torsten Grote.

20 Years FSFE Internship Interview Picture with 8 people