1 Compulsory routers – Timeline

Compulsory routers

Timeline of compulsory routers

Compulsory routers are a delicate topic and just because of that very complex. Many government agencies, corporations, and organisations already contributed to the public discussion and took part in numerous hearings and comments. Here the FSFE lists the most important events which lead to the current state and also draws a picture of the future development of compulsory routers.

Current state and glance into the future

After almost three years of intensive debates, the German Bundestag passed the law for „choice and connection of telecommunication terminal devices“. This law unambigously declares compulsory routers invalid and establishes freedom of choice of terminal devices.

The passed law became effective on August 1 2016. The FSFE monitors the compliance of the law and asks its supporters, other organisations and administrations to do the same.

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