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Free Your Android

Free Your Android! - Artwork

Liberated Android Robot

We made some advocacy artwork that you can use to promote the Free Your Android campaign. Please translate it into your native language and send it to us. FSFE can help you to print your translated versions of this artwork. We also have English and German versions available. If you want to spread it in your region, let us know and we mail it to you.



English front inside Finnish front inside

Source files repository

Leaflet text for translation


DIN A7 Flyer

English (source) | Deutsch (source) | Ελληνικά (source) | Français (source) | Español (source) | Italiano (source)

Flyer text for translation


DIN A1 Poster

English (source) | Deutsch (source) | Ελληνικά (source) | Français (source) | Español (source) |

Poster text for translation


This sticker is meant to be put on liberated phones

Sticker 3cm

All languages

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