3 Graphics - Donor and Supporter Buttons

Donor and Supporter Buttons

The Free Software Foundation Europe thanks all donors who have supported the work of the FSFE through their donations; with these sponsoring buttons, it seeks to provide a way for donors to publicly advertise their contribution to the Free Software Foundation Europe.

On this page, you will find year-specific graphics for donors as well as badges for our long-term supporters.

Donor buttons

Supporter Buttons

Our awesome supporters regularly donate at least 60€ per year or 10€ per month. Become one of them!

Design Background Size

Terms of usage

Permission is given to donors of the FSFE for unmodified use of the
image of their appropriate level (information about sponsoring
levels can be found on the donation page) in any media,
provided that they are not used in conjunction with advertisement
for proprietary software. When used on the  web or in other
interactive media, they should make a link to

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