#974 WIP: Use sidecar files for identifying outdated translations

ulf wants to merge 6 commits from ulf/fsfe-website:fix#64_2 into master

6 Commits

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Ulf Jasper 9d24d36061 Update list of outdated translations When *any* language has changed 4 months ago
  Ulf Jasper fd3bb92fd9 Fix sidecar extension, again 4 months ago
  Ulf Jasper e743ec8037 Use bash's parameter expansion for improving performance 4 months ago
  Ulf Jasper ae649ed8e8 Fix sidecar extension 4 months ago
  Ulf Jasper 045a4288f4 Merge branch 'master' into fix#64_2 4 months ago
  Ulf Jasper 4246a58237 List outdated translations in sidecar files and use them for checks 4 months ago