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  André Ockers 4a5c398445 NL translation of update of News page 1 year ago
  André Ockers ecd4d99867 added news.nl.xhtml 1 year ago
  sansusann 31108b8eb4 adapted to new news archive style 2 years ago
  André Ockers 045c369c10 added news.nl.xhtml 2 years ago
  paul 7c1247a32b bugfix: do not add nested <body> structure by accident 4 years ago
  André Ockers 2a7b6b3418 Dutch translation of the update of "News" 5 years ago
  paul 12fc962588 renamed broken news section (will replace in next commit) 7 years ago
  sstavra 420df67373 Modified file 10 years ago
  gollo 93bf89d8ef 2010-10-10 Martin Gollowitzer <gollo@fsfe.org> 10 years ago
  rolf_camps 5158615680 Just touched it. 12 years ago
  Reinhard Müller 8fe52f3c8c Added link to RSS version to HTML header. 12 years ago
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  rolf_camps 82e8e9d1d4 Updated to English version 1.10 14 years ago
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  jeroen eafb36d9a3 Update 16 years ago
  jeroen 62dcca2411 Fix missing </body> 16 years ago
  jeroen 9707c1c872 Update 16 years ago
  jeroen 69f000aed8 Initial Dutch translation 16 years ago