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Spanish translation of «European Commission responds to the FSFE's information request for Horizon 2020» 3 years ago
  Guillermo Lengemann 9e3f6084a3
Spanish translation of «EU Copyright Review: Tell Legislators to Save Code Share» 3 years ago
  Guillermo Lengemann 47ef1b236e
Spanish translation of «Dutch government publishes large project as Free Software» 3 years ago
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fix syntax error and wrong files. fixes #98 3 years ago
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proofread and some improvements 3 years ago
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translation by Lutz Horn 3 years ago
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Adjust date 3 years ago
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Add paragraph explaining the change 3 years ago
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Remove 'new coat of fresh paint' 3 years ago
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proofreading: some wording improvements 3 years ago
  Lavadew 0e18bbb3ae add German translation of T-Shirt article 3 years ago
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Created news item for REUSE 3 years ago
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rename news correctly and use common tagging scheme 3 years ago
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Fix images for tshirt news item 3 years ago
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add news item about Radio Lockdown update 3 years ago
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-ze 3 years ago
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Fix weird sentence 3 years ago
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er trops op → trots om 3 years ago
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praktijken → aanbevelingen 3 years ago
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Split up properly 3 years ago