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  poderi c8fd3778dd fixed structure problems 11 years ago
  poderi 2747882518 fixed structure problems 11 years ago
  poderi 144a5ff888 All broken links to ec.europa.eu fixed 11 years ago
  rolf_camps fd8bb7541b Fixed typo's, thanks to Federico Bruni, touched up to date translations 12 years ago
  greve d1c2925486 Slight rewording, on request of Ms Miyamoto 12 years ago
  guido_arnold e7543d4faa fixed two typos 12 years ago
  Björn Schießle 58d9ec93b9 fixed typo 12 years ago
  greve 006656f8ad minor fixes 12 years ago
  greve c6714beb40 This should be okay for publication now. 12 years ago
  greve 20986572ad first commit - may still contain glitches 12 years ago