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  Max Mehl 499f41a9c4
fix links 1 year ago
  Sebastiano Pistore bca1630bdb Completed Italian translation of drm.info 2 years ago
  Sebastiano Pistore a7afbe42cb Added privacy.it 2 years ago
  Sebastiano Pistore 2862d02841 DRM.info: started ITA translation 2 years ago
  Repentinus 3a7dfe5dcc Thanks, Fernando! 3 years ago
  zeh 34f4df6690 added 8 new pt translations 3 years ago
  mjammes ca37bbf5e9 Adding index french translation 5 years ago
  paul 78ea515b2e externalise gettext functions, remove unnessesary import rules 5 years ago
  nico.rikken 4a5005b0af Translation by Nathan. 5 years ago
  pavi 4d597c16ab Renamed drm-info to drm.info 6 years ago
  pavi 6a831fc199 moved drm.info to drm-info 6 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner ae367413ba testing 6 years ago
  pavi be19679b95 small update for sample testing file 6 years ago
  pavi 38f391b7ea typo corrections for sample testing file 6 years ago
  pavi a7e89cc278 sample file for testing purposes 6 years ago
  pavi 114716e9da Added logos 6 years ago
  pavi 572ea85f03 Added drm.info for testing. very raw version , mightnot even work 6 years ago