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  otto 5c94d70f75 Fix bug in firefox 8 years ago
  otto bdffea8f00 Bugfixing 8 years ago
  otto 162eea33c7 Added new Finnish team people and fine tuned Finnish pages. 8 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner 1614883404 We should not use more than one paragraph in news XML entries. Else the front page looks bad. 8 years ago
  otto dbc33920bc Updated news tagging, tagging documentation link and Finnish team people 8 years ago
  otto ffd5aa3870 Updated Finnish team page and news translations 8 years ago
  gerloff fb1bf1d5c9 Adding news item on unitary patent 8 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner 508dc71081 going live 8 years ago
  guest-sstavra 66596ed6b5 heading href to our work changed to /campaigns/campaigns.html 8 years ago
  guest-sstavra d244769a8e ticket #228 heading our work changed to campaigns 8 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner e7b8f2f501 Removed the old outdated leaflets and move the new one to the default address. 8 years ago
  guest-ineiev a9be036884 RU proofread 8 years ago
  guest-ubsy d5277255fb Fixed some errors in German translation of NL 2012-09 8 years ago
  guest-ineiev 67ef534343 RU add missing translations 8 years ago
  guest-sstavra bf4de8d098 nl-Sep and leaflet FTF updates 8 years ago
  11811 d88bf3fbc5 support email portal reference fix 8 years ago
  11811 767a33c857 support template-thankyou minor fix 8 years ago
  11811 1c721d45ca support portal and templates in russian 8 years ago
  guest-ubsy 3ef7590efb Completed German translation of September newsletter and fixed some minor typos in English version 8 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner 8ff9c66cdd Added missing "To" 8 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner deb8bfb12e Added link 8 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner 5c43a705b6 Changed the title 8 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner c9956b4124 Added a note 8 years ago
  anaghz dcb45e01fd updated 8 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner baf7fdfd50 Should be up to date 8 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner d1f297d2cd Added kurzfristig 8 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner 52415105e9 Fixed typos thanks to translators 8 years ago
  11811 3bb41d5ab8 Russian translation of countries added 8 years ago
  guest-ubsy 67a220b7cc First part of the German translation of the newsletter 2012-09 8 years ago
  alessandro.polvani f5bc5f7ee3 adding italian portal 8 years ago
  alessandro.polvani 1b51bab8bb uploading Italian translation of supporter messages and portal 8 years ago
  alessandro.polvani 566373b1db updating support form italian 8 years ago
  guest-sstavra 94bf632318 nl-Sep typo 8 years ago
  guest-sstavra b476d45551 nl-Sep plus corrections 8 years ago
  otto f4c790f9d7 Added lang parameter in links 8 years ago
  guest-sstavra 629cf7a708 add katowice event 8 years ago
  guest-sstavra f1dbec3c10 support updated, artwork, events added 8 years ago
  Repentinus 929fe3563f Added a missing comma. 8 years ago
  Repentinus 9dd2087962 Modification to the Estonian translation of the supporter pages. 8 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner 0338ec04ff Fixing URL 8 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner 0fb9074746 Fixed typos 8 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner 7c22fa1368 Argh wrong file extension 8 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner d052d14b56 Adding September NL 8 years ago
  otto c5e24f51eb Comments added for documentation 8 years ago
  otto b2a7d89407 Show error message on portal page if no parameter given 8 years ago
  otto eb0b375dda Fine tunig before translation announcement 8 years ago
  guest-vienna-autocommit ba9a21aa01 Automatic Fellowship meeting website event commit script >>> Commiting event in Vienna on 2012-09-21 8 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner e8c915a696 Adding blog entry 8 years ago
  guest-ubsy de1c88cfc8 German translation of /contribute/advocacy/advocacy.de.xhtm and corrections in advocacy.en.xhtml 8 years ago
  samtuke dc6ce7f1e1 decapitalised 'A' 8 years ago