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  Reinhard Müller 96b5d6663f Add a fixed id to the headings for gold, silver and bronze 3 years ago
  Jonas Oberg cdb62fe6a7 Smaller changes 4 years ago
  Reinhard Müller aa6adec986 Changed the display of donors with more than 10% of the yearly budget based on 5 years ago
  nicola.feltrin d132270717 Updated footnote regarding donors that contributed more than 10% 5 years ago
  nicola.feltrin 0afabdf964 Changed the status for the 12 months overview 5 years ago
  nicola.feltrin 7897527319 Adding footnote regarding donors that donated more than 10% of our yearly budget 5 years ago
  paul 4796fa8145 fake 6 years ago
  paul 8e130da70c fake commit 6 years ago
  hugo 1d81ccccc7 table style for donors 7 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner 9aa250b0bc reverting, as it did not work out. Glad for help. 7 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner 05ceb41e66 adding table class fo thank donors page 7 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner 1b9d2d5277 trying out other style for donors list 7 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner 2a8a843470 Updating the sidebar fot those pages. 7 years ago
  hugo 90c1197a3f donate sidebar 7 years ago
  Reinhard Müller 46c82c73ec Added explanation about various levels, removed lowest level, too many Fellows 7 years ago
  Reinhard Müller 7bb59c3d89 Changed donor listing to use new levels. 8 years ago
  Reinhard Müller fe25b818b5 Added anchors for linking directly to categories 10 years ago
  nicoulas ff99abff08 merged all updated data from trunk into design, at revision 18962. build works on my machine 11 years ago
  maelle 5e16969f13 adding the Stars as in About 11 years ago
  maelle 77a00e9522 revert 11 years ago
  maelle b506f0849d harmonizing introduction paragraph 11 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner cf53096043 Update from Shane for English version. 11 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner 32ec8093f8 Manually updating the thank gnus page as the changes did not make it from test to trunk 11 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner 47d092d6f6 Correct English 11 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner ea36691fd1 Added german translation and improved language in the English one 11 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner 2570be0d19 Made current more explaining 11 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner e9e6a52c22 Moved the "local menu" 11 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner 2643839948 New text 11 years ago
  Reinhard Müller 0ecb8da739 Heading above localmenu. 11 years ago
  Reinhard Müller 57ae37fcb7 Added new page for donors of last 12 months. 11 years ago