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  Reinhard Müller db38bbf73e Switched news and event archives to index.html 2 years ago
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  Reinhard Müller 0c6e202a69 Split news archive into separate files per year 2 years ago
  eal 5d93dd8770 some ux improvements 2 years ago
  Michael Weimann 5eb5d9e711
Updates the right column of the news and front page (#651) 2 years ago
  sansusann 7d5a1e83f2 changed the style of the news archive and added author, tags and new sidebar style 3 years ago
  paul 7c1247a32b bugfix: do not add nested <body> structure by accident 5 years ago
  paul 12fc962588 renamed broken news section (will replace in next commit) 8 years ago
  ato d87038dff8 Updated introduction paragraph of news archive, needs translations updated 10 years ago
  nicoulas ff99abff08 merged all updated data from trunk into design, at revision 18962. build works on my machine 10 years ago
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  gollo e515378a27 2010-10-10 Martin Gollowitzer <gollo@fsfe.org> 11 years ago
  samtuke f8fe9bfb0c minor change to link to sister organisations 11 years ago
  samtuke 4c6b1bb972 added reference to sister organisation's news 11 years ago
  samtuke 4cc4f35c2e changed wording of intro paragraphs to be more genuinely 'introductory'. 11 years ago
  samtuke b7287d062c Improved wording, moved link to RSS feed into introductory paragraph. 11 years ago
  samtuke bf5a4c48b3 updated to use new 'introduction' paragraph style and remove old style inline navigation links 11 years ago
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  gwest f5852e3254 corrected grammar on news page header 13 years ago
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  kirschner af27677331 added submenu, so we can remove the subitem in the main navigation. 13 years ago
  rolf_camps af32193ef9 Changed FSF Europe to FSFE 14 years ago
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  Reinhard Müller b11b3bbaa0 Own page for archiving newsletters. 17 years ago
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  jonas 749187b023 Moved projects to their right places. 18 years ago
  sledge 01869eb60e revamped news "system" completely. 20 years ago
  villate 104c32341e Added Portuguese translation. 20 years ago
  olberger 21ca44f441 Removed self-link 20 years ago
  mad bd634d90a8 Add english version of news compilation 20 years ago
  olberger 3fe39f3552 Added a page containing the compilation of news from the local chapters 20 years ago