2 Commits (7913fc2b1f04384a8305a8c04ff47ebd65bb6184)

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Max Mehl e4b8eb9ddc
Overhaul format of activity files, and display them in localmenues 1 year ago
Max Mehl 12a9842e3a
Change project.en.xml to activity.en.xml and first syntax changes 1 year ago
Max Mehl fec52821e2
move igf, fp6 and fp7 out of policy folder 1 year ago
Reinhard Müller c4cb7aeef4 Introduce content version in source files 2 years ago
Max Mehl 86505325f5
fake-update all once-up-to-date translations which have been outdated by the EN original's encoding changes 3 years ago
samtuke 8d6a2deb65 moved igf folder into policy folder 10 years ago
samtuke f5fde89b8d fixing links to reflect /projects migration 10 years ago
samtuke bb4cac2288 migrated contents of /projects folder into /campaigns and /activities, and set rewrite rules to honor old urls 10 years ago
Reinhard Müller 9d217f172e Added some missing project IDs (needed for team overview page) 13 years ago
pichel a9bfbd4c89 New translation 14 years ago