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Reinhard Müller 5dd3be3162 Remove newsteaser attribute 3 years ago
Reinhard Müller 646c81a273 Change tag syntax 3 years ago
Reinhard Müller c4cb7aeef4 Introduce content version in source files 3 years ago
Max Mehl b95a4adf6c
replace pattern: /donate/donate.html + variations 3 years ago
hugo d91e3b5343 tags open standards and others 8 years ago
paul 12fc962588 renamed broken news section (will replace in next commit) 10 years ago
Matthias Kirschner cb5fe61af6 Most important commit in FSFE's 10 years history. 12 years ago
nicoulas 0d1d704504 added April's fool article, and anchor on the order page to be able to point to the pens 12 years ago