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  suhrj 571cfec4f2 first part of german translation; updated german wordlist 3 years ago
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  Matthias Kirschner 0ee6cfd982 remove the graphics 5 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner 68df742a9e removing items which are not available, or we stop promoting 5 years ago
  guest-ubsy 1d136a3f2d Added various German translations and fixed encodings in contribute/spreadtheword.en.xhtml 5 years ago
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  Matthias Kirschner 988c4196f5 added other translations 6 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner 5e2145db0b some changes 6 years ago
  Luca Bonissi 82fee92435 spreadtheword - fix DFD 2015 6 years ago
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  Matthias Kirschner edb7a0eac5 changing to new version 6 years ago
  miks 72cb849432 Updated Fellowship leaflet status 6 years ago
  miks f851739076 Striked out Printed versions line 6 years ago
  miks 9bd7358bc1 Updated status about They don't want you to thumb sticker 6 years ago
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  Max Mehl 7e5e6249c7 adding ilovefs postcard to promopage 6 years ago
  puster 88b1386951 added gnupg translations 6 years ago
  puster 079d7281d0 added gnupg translations 6 years ago
  puster 31266c83ff added gnupg translations 6 years ago
  guest-Besnik_b 7a78860733 Clearing translations of 'website' and similar from 'web' word, as 'sajt' in Albanian does not have any other meaning than as a 'web' one 6 years ago
  eal 022cc95f78 changing order, so cloud sticker is on top of the section 6 years ago
  eal 5bdf8b5477 typo 6 years ago
  eal 75b6a74f80 correcting link 6 years ago
  eal df3751fbc5 there is no cloud sticker eingefügt und englisch gnupg-flyer 6 years ago
  eal a5e71a37c8 inserting there is no cloud sticker and english gnupg-reference 6 years ago
  puster 98dc7691c5 title modification for images 6 years ago
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  paul b2c0634bfe fixed download links for plussy sticker 6 years ago
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