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  Johannes Zarl-Zierl 027f5a4005 Updated output of the tagtool. 4 months ago
  Max Mehl 8d908fef9c
fix files wrongly declared as non-UTF8, and fake-update their up-to-date translations 4 months ago
  Max Mehl 7a4bb7a565
fix leftover files from large encoding batch fix 5 months ago
  Ulf Jasper d88d8b3388 Replace /bin/bash with /usr/bin/env bash 5 months ago
  Max Mehl 86505325f5
fake-update all once-up-to-date translations which have been outdated by the EN original's encoding changes 5 months ago
  Max Mehl 50f1ce298e
fix declared encoding of all files which already are UTF-8 5 months ago
  Max Mehl 730e74cd98
change encoding to UTF-8 of all relevant files which are no outdated translations 5 months ago
  Max Mehl 45d569bfd1
remove name per request 5 months ago
  Sebastiano Pistore f61bcd227d IT translation: public code (#859) 6 months ago
  André Ockers 0036b4d637 NL translation of "Freedomvote" (#855) 7 months ago
  André Ockers 3f9c41273e added digitalomat.nl.xhtml 7 months ago
  André Ockers 6b60e78ddb added freedomvote.nl.xhtml 7 months ago
  Reinhard Müller e25ee1fca0 Remove elements not applicable for this type of page 7 months ago
  Reinhard Müller 1d6f3608df Remove .symlinks files 7 months ago
  Reinhard Müller d61933d381 Remove "implicit trailing *" feature for .sources 7 months ago
  Reinhard Müller e6821ed35a Improve local menus 7 months ago
  Reinhard Müller 27d872e551 Change the directory for generated news xml files 7 months ago
  Max Mehl ed40a95bc2
replace @fsfeurope.org addresses, and thereby delete very outdated files 7 months ago
  Reinhard Müller bfdca1e475 Some fixes in source lists and tags 7 months ago
  Max Mehl 9fbd60bc1e
one picture has been deleted 7 months ago
  Max Mehl 76c128d759
delete gallery thumbs which are stored on download.fsfe.org 7 months ago
  André Ockers 7823dbbe1c NL translation of "Public Money? Public Code!" (#820) 7 months ago
  Max Mehl c6cbe03912 Add some Finnish translations (#809) 8 months ago
  Max Mehl 3a3a5328cb
change HTML snippets links to https. Fixes #796 8 months ago
  André Ockers 42cfd50ef7 NL translation of "I love Free Software Day 2019" (#802) 8 months ago
  Max Mehl ffac456a08
use smaller image, the larger one isn't compatible with Twitter 8 months ago
  galia 15433be35b ILoveFS website for 2019 (#757) 8 months ago
  Max Mehl fc57871199
add useful links to sidebar 9 months ago
  Max Mehl 4a1c32868d
use fixed cover 9 months ago
  Max Mehl 1e8489daef
include feedback by reinhard and erik, preview image, fix links 9 months ago
  Max Mehl b9aaa6605a
update with recent feedback 9 months ago
  Max Mehl e9073b1833
further tests with brochure download page 9 months ago
  André Ockers 57cb928338 added ilovefs.nl.xhtml 9 months ago
  Max Mehl efd0286ca5 remove very outdated translations 10 months ago
  Max Mehl 5b09a21552 replace fsfeurope email addresses 10 months ago
  Max Mehl 1f01404864 First draft of PMPC brochure download page (#587) 11 months ago
  André Ockers 36d9e9b0f6 NL translation of "Ask your candidates" [update] (#551) 1 year ago
  André Ockers 5ea30cac51 added nledu.nl.xhtml 1 year ago
  Miguel Abad b81caa0439 Updating Spanish translation of the campaigns page (#416) 1 year ago
  Max Mehl 243bc33979
add some other logos 1 year ago
  Max Mehl 538cb898a2
fix syntax errors in #403. Closes #403 1 year ago
  Sebastiano Pistore 8684fe6514
added description for market prod. 1 year ago
  Sebastiano Pistore 8adbec41c3 added description for market prod. 1 year ago
  thibaultmartin ad38c2a1fa Update french translation of Free Your Droid campaign 1 year ago
  Bjoern Schiessle 880c71e708
replace outdated identi.ca links with links to mastodon 1 year ago
  Sebastiano Pistore da1128e664 Translation ITA (#330) 1 year ago
  Sebastiano Pistore eee54c5927 Translation ITA: Android updated and payment messages new trans. 1 year ago
  thibaultmartin 075e77e2dc Add missing french translation for Elections campaign (#323) 1 year ago
  thibaultmartin b21c32f29c Add french translation for PMPC campaign 1 year ago
  thibaultmartin d2856994d6 Add missing french translation for ilovefsday 2018 1 year ago