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  cgabriel c42bbac13b updated links to italian pages 18 years ago
  cgabriel 828ce040b4 italian pages works now (thanks oberger) 19 years ago
  villate 4137780eaa Recent global changes (typos correction and cleaning up). 19 years ago
  villate 44b24858a5 Updates of the last, very hectic week, in which we moved from html+ssi 19 years ago
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  loic 95515efa09 * fr/server/sysadmin-france.texi: Account Management chapter 19 years ago
  loic 861ded3138 * fr/server/sysadmin-france.texi: System administration information 19 years ago
  loic ba319e7074 * drafts/patrick.hutton: add draft from patrick.hutton@idealx.com 19 years ago
  loic c0842e49cd * drafts: Add the draft directory for unpublished documents 19 years ago
  vonarnim bb280eef3e - minor corrections in siae/siae.fr.html and documents/doi.fr.html 19 years ago
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