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  guest-sstavra 18a63605ef dot char correction for sony rootkit fiasco el 4 years ago
  guest-sstavra e75ac79798 update el translation corrections pdfreaders 4 years ago
  guest-sstavra 31f624871c update el translation pdfreaders 4 years ago
  paul 5dc67024c9 removed javascript flattr button 6 years ago
  samtuke f5fde89b8d fixing links to reflect /projects migration 7 years ago
  guest-sstavra d8ae95c438 spelling corections and preferences 7 years ago
  nicoulas 30c8c51cd4 - automatic generation of signatories numbers in pdfreaders' campaign pages 7 years ago
  alessandro.polvani 66969b2414 updating number of signatures... 7 years ago
  Reinhard Müller ffc4b184b8 Updated Greek translations. Thanks to Stelios. 8 years ago
  nicoulas 65f905f379 added el pages 8 years ago
  sstavra bb2a79d70b file modified 8 years ago
  maelle 87f5de3757 removing link to guideline 8 years ago
  nicoulas ff99abff08 merged all updated data from trunk into design, at revision 18962. build works on my machine 9 years ago
  maelle 6ced5cfffe correcting Americanism 9 years ago
  maelle e90ee038dd updated number signatories 9 years ago
  samtuke bd90a3d1a7 added class to p following screenshots to clear text and prevent unwanted floating 9 years ago
  samtuke 3a6b26f148 updating from trunk 9 years ago
  nicoulas 7cf7fca2f7 - added flattr script under /scripts/, linked to it and add the flattr button in all language pages for /campaigns/pdfreaders/pdfreaders.xx.html 9 years ago
  maelle 8965637d70 adding donate button 9 years ago
  sstavra c2b0b4e699 modified file 9 years ago
  sstavra 163a528c57 Modified file 9 years ago
  sstavra a7aa526dad Modified file 9 years ago
  sstavra d1d00cd581 Modified file 9 years ago
  sstavra f0956f7f9f Added file 9 years ago
  sstavra 94a9d384a6 Modified file 9 years ago
  sstavra 5349f34f95 Modified files 9 years ago
  maelle c21b3e9dc0 removing the form and the list of bugs + adding link to the buglist file 9 years ago
  sstavra 420df67373 Modified file 9 years ago
  ato 822be53e77 Aland -> Åland 9 years ago
  maelle 9469b4f5cf adding "rest of the world" 9 years ago
  Reinhard Müller 319c035bea Include comment in bug table. 9 years ago
  samtuke 52f592f001 added faroe islands and aland to country lists (having to manual update is painful) 9 years ago
  samtuke 4cb5b77e0a made all versions of form use html select instead of text input for country 9 years ago
  samtuke 36bee2d794 removed 'adobe' - please check that the table headings still make sense, and remove future references to 'adobe' 9 years ago
  maelle cc3038a50f changing the width of the colomns 9 years ago
  sstavra 9a64c1c849 Modified files 9 years ago
  sstavra 323157793d Modified file 9 years ago
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