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Tag Rework: news and events (#656) 9 months ago
  Besnik Bleta e60e0c3f55 Lower-casing the names of days and months; typo fixing; cosmetic changes; consistency changes 1 year ago
  paul 59706a0c34 remove superflous <div> wrapper, reenabling display of news teaser 3 years ago
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  hugo a75ccf4205 ayc tag and others 4 years ago
  hugo 91e997c5ca tags dfd 4 years ago
  guest-Besnik_b 7a78860733 Clearing translations of 'website' and similar from 'web' word, as 'sajt' in Albanian does not have any other meaning than as a 'web' one 4 years ago
  hugo 0490f45769 updated newsletter sidebar with automatic build of links see emails to web@ from october 2014 5 years ago
  guest-Besnik_b 4d509aadbb Vive l'apostrophe 5 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner 7625a0d253 adding newsteasers 5 years ago
  guest-Besnik_b d0108b5040 better wording, thanks to proofreader 5 years ago
  guest-Besnik_b f3ec692d13 Some better wording and a couple of typo fixing 5 years ago
  guest-Besnik_b 744855f2ed Translation for sq 5 years ago