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remove fixed language from links 3 weeks ago
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Revert my false revert. Actually, all was fine 1 month ago
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Revert "Merge branch 'master' of git.fsfe.org:fsfe/fsfe-website" 1 month ago
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delete a bunch of tags 1 month ago
  nico.rikken f09009c8dc chore: update fellowship links (#1464) 3 months ago
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move people folders to /about/people/ 5 months ago
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replace pattern: /join + variations 6 months ago
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replace pattern: /donate/donate.html + variations 1 year ago
  gerloff 11f8e0c562 re-inserted text about FSF copyright assignment, added [Update: 7 years ago
  leobaillard a9ebf91575 Removed the link about FSF accepting scanned assignements. 7 years ago
  gerloff 5d46446899 removed link to Werner's article 7 years ago
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