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  Max Mehl 26f1de3ebb
merge btw09 and askyourcandidates in elections 3 weeks ago
  Nico Rikken d009316ad8 chore: update http links to https 1 month ago
  Max Mehl f5a8757aae
move btw09 1 month ago
  Nico Rikken eb69c0c823 chore: ensure https on fsfe link text 1 month ago
  nico.rikken f09009c8dc chore: update fellowship links (#1464) 1 month ago
  Nico Rikken b47f4e72e9 chore: ensure https on wiki links also in xml files 1 month ago
  Nico Rikken 8297bfd378 chore: ensure https on blogs.fsfe.org 1 month ago
  Nico Rikken afc87f2296 chore: update wiki.fsfe.org links to https 2 months ago
  Nico Rikken 735144ea82 fix: fill prominent empty links 2 months ago
  nico.rikken 1fe7bbb205 fix: convert mailman links to lists.fsfe.org (#1425) 2 months ago
  Nico Rikken 5cbe135971 chore: replace absolute links by relative ones 2 months ago
  Reinhard Müller dfc13f9039 Remove timestamp at the bottom of each page 3 months ago
  Reinhard Müller 5dd3be3162 Remove newsteaser attribute 3 months ago
  Reinhard Müller c4cb7aeef4 Introduce content version in source files 3 months ago
  Max Mehl 3bd044d659
replace pattern: /join + variations 3 months ago
  Max Mehl ed40a95bc2
replace @fsfeurope.org addresses, and thereby delete very outdated files 1 year ago
  paul 12fc962588 renamed broken news section (will replace in next commit) 7 years ago
  samtuke f5fde89b8d fixing links to reflect /projects migration 8 years ago
  nicoulas 37a475f89e added type=newsletter to xhtml news items 9 years ago
  nicoulas 01994131d6 added newsletter tag in newsletter in xhtml format 9 years ago
  poderi 2024a1c94a Sept Newsletter (EN,ITA,FRA,DUT) 10 years ago