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Luca Bonissi 8728dbe147 Fixed 'puzzle' on English and Italian versions 4 months ago
Florian Snow f39a27b2d7
Switch video links to more meaningful ones 5 months ago
Max Mehl 23fb8040db
remove all meta keyword elements 5 months ago
Luca Bonissi f65697e06e Reverted webm also for mp4 codec video source 6 months ago
Luca Bonissi ecd76573e2 Added subtitle to Cory Doctorow's wishes for FSFE20YEARS 6 months ago
Luca Bonissi c0917e9073 Exact transcription of Cory's wishes 6 months ago
Luca Bonissi ee834637dc Fixed transcript text of 'Copy Doctorow' wishes 6 months ago
Luca Bonissi fe10871f36 Italian translation of 20 Years FSFE Cory Doctorow 6 months ago
fani caa02d40dc FSFE20- Cory - publication day changed to today 6 months ago
fani b171bd3c05 changed filename to match Saturday publication 6 months ago
fani 7a76f6b721 fsfe20 Cory publication added footer, replaced sticker 6 months ago
fani 11a23a9dfa FSFE20 news item - Cory 6 months ago