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Max Mehl 5bbc701b0f
replace unlinked email addresses at the first column 2 months ago
Max Mehl 76946c6141
use alt text of the img that has the same image URL 4 months ago
Luca Bonissi 73ef2ebfdf Fixing empower in Italian translation 10 months ago
Luca Bonissi 00f3369d24 Fixing 'e.V.' and 'Onlus' in Italian translations 1 year ago
Matthias Kirschner a9017e9287 enlarge application period slightly 2 years ago
alex.sander a7eeaab4d7 update deadline 2 years ago
Matthias Kirschner de9ef3e3f2 clarifications hours 2 years ago
Luca Bonissi c529e6ce67 Few typo fix and some improvements 2 years ago
Luca Bonissi 102a8f7d09 Italian transation news-20200904 and news-20200907 2 years ago