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remove fixed language from links 2 years ago
nico.rikken 6eee4cf1c9 feature/convert-fsfeurope-mail (#1468) 2 years ago
nico.rikken 1fe7bbb205 fix: convert mailman links to lists.fsfe.org (#1425) 2 years ago
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Dominic Hopf c2b69487b8
Tag Rework: news and events (#656) 4 years ago
Besnik Bleta e60e0c3f55 Lower-casing the names of days and months; typo fixing; cosmetic changes; consistency changes 5 years ago
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guest-Besnik_b e06713514e a massive typo fixing thanks to aspell working novv, publishing the last newsletter 9 years ago
guest-Besnik_b 1c346c2b7c adding translation, as part of reviving sq translation for fsfe site 10 years ago