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Max Mehl 727b580fe1
Revert my false revert. Actually, all was fine 10 months ago
Max Mehl 12ab791c37
Revert "Merge branch 'master' of git.fsfe.org:fsfe/fsfe-website" 10 months ago
Max Mehl 86513fb1ff
rename/unify tags + some manual amendments 11 months ago
Max Mehl cfb2bd41e5
make avm-gpl-violation an own acitivty 1 year ago
Reinhard Müller 5dd3be3162 Remove newsteaser attribute 1 year ago
Reinhard Müller 646c81a273 Change tag syntax 1 year ago
Reinhard Müller c4cb7aeef4 Introduce content version in source files 1 year ago
Johannes Zarl-Zierl 027f5a4005 Updated output of the tagtool. 2 years ago
Dominic Hopf c2b69487b8
Tag Rework: news and events (#656) 3 years ago
hugo fa683df69c events and news dont necessarily match 7 years ago
hugo 9a1f940b2a drm and other tags 7 years ago
paul 12fc962588 renamed broken news section (will replace in next commit) 8 years ago
samtuke f5fde89b8d fixing links to reflect /projects migration 9 years ago
guest-ineiev 5ef237fd68 typo fix: s/\<nofficial/unofficial/ 10 years ago
nicoulas 0e60ed0f30 made link to background information <strong> 10 years ago
nicoulas 7bcc4a3aee tagged AVM PR accordingly 10 years ago
nicoulas fd33203c68 typo 10 years ago
nicoulas e84d7bd3dc made AVM PR really live 10 years ago
nicoulas 16529aa955 added links to PRs 10 years ago
Matthias Kirschner fac2e165ee Corrected links 10 years ago
Matthias Kirschner ff334bfd06 Added english version 10 years ago