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  Max Mehl 2cbbe7d28e
remove fixed language from links 3 months ago
  Max Mehl 4fd8b041f6
move pdfreaders 6 months ago
  Nico Rikken 5cbe135971 chore: replace absolute links by relative ones 7 months ago
  Reinhard Müller 5dd3be3162 Remove newsteaser attribute 8 months ago
  Reinhard Müller 646c81a273 Change tag syntax 8 months ago
  Reinhard Müller c4cb7aeef4 Introduce content version in source files 9 months ago
  paul 12fc962588 renamed broken news section (will replace in next commit) 7 years ago
  nicoulas 9a6b10e0a5 delete the tags attribute from news and events (is now in the xml) 10 years ago
  nicoulas 434a6edb88 changed the way we handle tags: instead of a comma-separated list, xml nodes 10 years ago
  samtuke ff0afc956d added front-page tag 10 years ago
  samtuke 047a07a711 updated from trunk 10 years ago
  maelle 9eb2a14d8a UPDATE NUMBER, ADDING LINKS, PUBLISHING 10 years ago
  sstavra c1e59107f1 files added and modified 10 years ago