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newsletter April EN changes (#883) 2 days ago
  André Ockers e243cd1ad4 NL translation of April 2019 newsletter (#882) 2 days ago
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improve layout and use thumbnails 5 days ago
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unify tag for compulsory routers/router freedom 3 weeks ago
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  André Ockers ae6cfe9d8b NL translation of #ilovefs Day report 2019 3 weeks ago
  André Ockers 7d8578c5b7 NL translation of Copyright Directive – EU safeguards Free Software at the last minute [Updated] 3 weeks ago
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add link to git repo 3 weeks ago
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  Matthias Kirschner c18bb57cc9 making sure translations are in sync and adding update notice also on the page itself 4 weeks ago
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  Matthias Kirschner 666f5653ad added edit tag 4 weeks ago
  Matthias Kirschner c59109d920 Edited to clarify + smaller fixes. 4 weeks ago
  Max Mehl a07217e9b2
proofread and improve ilovefs report 4 weeks ago
  Max Mehl ffe43ac030
rename file to actual date 4 weeks ago
  Max Mehl 4fe8d19dac
Merge PR #857: ilovefs report 2019 4 weeks ago
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