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  André Ockers 8534ad6877 NL translation of Denmark keeps source code of Coronavirus tracing app secret 20 hours ago
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small wording/ortho improvements 1 day ago
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  Max Mehl 4925335876 News item about proprietary tracing app in Denmark (#1471) 3 days ago
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fix broken links caused by faulty replace in #1462 2 weeks ago
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  eal f355f1a1d5 publshing newsletter and translations 2 weeks ago
  André Ockers ae7548eadc NL translation of Etalab shows how Free Software can be made available for the public sector 2 weeks ago
  André Ockers df9cfe6ff4 NL translation of Hamburg wants to focus more on Free Software 2 weeks ago
  Luca Bonissi 4400882ca3 Fixed incorrect lowercase on 'paesi' 2 weeks ago
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