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gollo 5b77ef12f1 2009-07-09 Martin Gollowitzer <gollo@fsfe.org> 13 years ago
Reinhard Müller bd0b8a7772 The big spring clean: Removed last remains from prehistoric build systems (like 15 years ago
xavi_ 764e362200 All non-outdated translations: replaced "FSF Europ?" with "FSFE". FR: Fixed timestamp. ES: Updated translation, tnks to D. Paleo. 16 years ago
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coriordan a2b543f526 rewording of entire document 16 years ago
now3d fc4f1d1588 english revisions 18 years ago
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Reinhard Müller 4eed451962 gnuproject.xhtml -> gnuproject.en.xhtml 18 years ago
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bernhard 3681e8046e Corrected: Gnu project started = announced September 1983, 19 years ago
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greve d348b914f9 fixed a few broken links and made some minor changes 21 years ago
jneves d09fe02a32 Portuguese translation of "Declaration of intention" and "What is the GNU project ?" 22 years ago
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