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  Max Mehl 04b4ed902b
include suggestions by Carmen and Torsten from git pull issue 1 year ago
  carmenbianca 4e186bcdd8
Rephrase a little bit 1 year ago
  carmenbianca e4a3754532
Use standard ASCII quotes 1 year ago
  carmenbianca f0a64a218b
Imply that there is more spyware out there 1 year ago
  carmenbianca 4e94978e8f
Comma 1 year ago
  carmenbianca d2d5390462
Same as previous: Meaner stance to non-free software 1 year ago
  carmenbianca 5f209ce803
most of the time → commonly 1 year ago
  carmenbianca 6cb4df3048
so → so that 1 year ago
  carmenbianca 80f14125f8
"We", not "it" 1 year ago
  carmenbianca 056a1dbd59
Oxford comma and spelling fix 1 year ago
  carmenbianca 2d3227bd1d
Reword sentence to shift emphasis 1 year ago
  carmenbianca 1c6216acce
Added <p> tags 1 year ago
  Max Mehl 1e66bff4b5
remove more references to cyanogen 1 year ago
  Max Mehl 6c2ed390d7
outsource 'other related initiatives' to wiki 1 year ago
  Max Mehl 15b00ec2a5
set maximum size of video to 500px 1 year ago
  Max Mehl 32510816fc
delete unused css file 1 year ago
  jonas c7e51b2a54 Updated link to video to https 3 years ago
  Max Mehl 27b1890daf improving table; more comments 4 years ago
  Max Mehl 6432dc1f1a add table type 4 years ago
  Max Mehl 9cf7c550a5 testing dynamic supporters list 4 years ago
  Matthias Kirschner ec0bc45ea4 removed FSF 5 years ago
  Torsten.Grote c70942adef made video full width and added it to all languages 5 years ago
  Torsten.Grote 7329bb2f01 center participating orgs 5 years ago
  Torsten.Grote a34d0f40c1 add video to FYA landing page 5 years ago
  Torsten.Grote 31f307b24e update images for android campaign 5 years ago
  nicoulas fc0248007f - name changed from 'Boot to Gecko' to 'Firefox OS' and link updated 6 years ago
  hugo b7e12e6d0d removed smartphone with mobile device which also applies to tablets 7 years ago
  hugo ed576aef46 added meta keywords 7 years ago
  samtuke d1b0a9ae2f added meta keyword and description tags 7 years ago
  hugo a911b9eb8f android campaign cc notice 7 years ago
  hugo 24e3c1633f legal info updated 7 years ago
  Torsten.Grote 5a390fb930 some fixes for latest commit 7 years ago
  Torsten.Grote 4476e3c834 added new information to android campaign landing page 7 years ago
  Torsten.Grote 2abe374299 added ANSOL as participating organization 7 years ago
  hugo a762a0996f fixin boxes, last with a dirty hack 7 years ago
  Torsten.Grote 8929cd3b18 added requested changed from FoeBuD e.V. 7 years ago
  Torsten.Grote 348b391b2a removed related initiatives for now after RMS request 7 years ago
  Torsten.Grote efb2a592c0 fixed buttons and headlines 7 years ago
  Torsten.Grote 4437e83ec2 added buttons 7 years ago
  Torsten.Grote 315648cf49 incorporated RMS's comments 7 years ago
  hugo a36a99927c nice buttons 7 years ago
  hugo 13fbd23f5d nice buttons 7 years ago
  hugo dc4c329057 added buttons, test 7 years ago
  hugo 53a6e886f8 added arrows for top links 7 years ago
  hugo df1fc98032 added arrows for top links 7 years ago
  hugo f3319fae52 warning notice removed 7 years ago
  hugo 7815267d5f nice typographic quotes etc. 7 years ago
  hugo 7b8af60e83 android campaign, on live website 7 years ago
  Torsten.Grote ec89afdcf0 fixed two typos reported by Lionel Montrieux 7 years ago
  hugo 3bcdb958f2 added warning notice 7 years ago