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modifications necessary for whyfs 1 year ago
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moved whyfs to campaigns, modificitions to make it work, delete howto and removed reference paragraph from whyfs page 1 year ago
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jonas e9e17710f0 Whyfs changes. 19 years ago
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sledge 2ff4e039ae i need to make a simple change (in that case, adding an empty line) 19 years ago
sledge ad6c77ccda hope that this time whyfs.*.xhtml catches up with companies.xml 19 years ago
sledge b411607227 * in documents.*xhtml: moved stuff from background.*xhtml here, 19 years ago
jneves 20228a72a8 Added automatic detection of translation to the english pages. 20 years ago
greve 5adcb89dd5 Added Bruce Perens at the bottom of the page and reformatted the company list into a small table. English & German versions okay, rest needs translation. 20 years ago
greve 167f1d446a Added 'How to participate in WsaFS' page in English and German, other translations would be useful. 20 years ago
jneves ccd576e1ba Changed all to the translations for the "Why we speak about Free Software" 20 years ago
greve b41caddb30 added link to Icube after I got confirmation they would not have proprietary things on home page 20 years ago
villate bad1a0d8c4 Corrected misprint in the Spanish URL. 20 years ago
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greve a87d02e32a added link to Luminas 20 years ago
greve a593637a17 final changes 20 years ago
jneves 2405320d7b Chaged first reference to the four freedoms to connect it to free software's definition. 20 years ago
jneves 0ca7dfcd8c Added portuguese version of "Why we speak about Free Software". 20 years ago
jneves feff1ee491 Added references to the italian version of the "Why Free Software" document. 20 years ago
greve 9b884a2c35 some fixed and added icube 20 years ago
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greve 7506782dc2 added link to Easter-Eggs as they told us it will never lead to non-Free software 20 years ago
greve 979fe9b01b added link to Intevation as they told us it will never lead to non-Free software 20 years ago
greve ee78e48e0a added link to Lolix as they told us it will never lead to non-Free software 20 years ago
greve 72f4d52c23 added link to Prosa as they told us it will never lead to non-Free software 20 years ago
greve 26810ca26e Added Prosa 20 years ago
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