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Linus Sehn 196f8aebfc Don't require publication of signature 4 days ago
Linus Sehn f6663c3111 Adding country drop-down to UpA open letter 1 week ago
eal 5603bcc54e introduction paragraph for sinatures 2 weeks ago
eal 0cc5e95dcc correct link for privacy policy 2 weeks ago
eal 9b8c17b124 design proposals for signatures 2 weeks ago
vincent 1cddabede9
Add Upcycling Android pages related to signing the open letter 3 weeks ago
fani e05b8697f4 call to sign 7 months ago
Max Mehl 8d7098b679
add breadcumb 8 months ago
eal 2f429c266b updating signatures 8 months ago
eal c946099530 updating open letter 8 months ago
eal 897a6a2030 updating open letter 8 months ago
fani bac36bb52f correcting alt text 8 months ago
fani 15d9ccb908 adding open letter 8 months ago