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tag mismatch: remove all //tag/@content 1 week ago
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Remove "FSFE" when used as prefix or suffix 1 week ago
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replace links from /about/basics 1 week ago
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replace /work with /activities (or better parent page) where used as an overview of activities 2 weeks ago
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remove translation embargo 10 months ago
  Max Mehl 774d7b1ac4 Update Radio Lockdown pages (#1000) 1 year ago
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show latest news in sidebar, using new 'sidebar' param for fetch-news 2 years ago
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  Max Mehl 4855e8e51e comment out link to particular party's blog until we have a more diverse collection 4 years ago
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  Max Mehl 1376262a4a grammar improvements 4 years ago
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  Max Mehl 2fdcd4de9d further improvements 4 years ago
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  Matthias Kirschner d37252b122 small language changes 4 years ago
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