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  Max Mehl fec52821e2
move igf, fp6 and fp7 out of policy folder пре 3 месеци
  Nico Rikken c78555938b chore: convert link texts to fsfe.org domain - redo пре 4 месеци
  Reinhard Müller dfc13f9039 Remove timestamp at the bottom of each page пре 5 месеци
  Reinhard Müller c4cb7aeef4 Introduce content version in source files пре 6 месеци
  Max Mehl 86505325f5
fake-update all once-up-to-date translations which have been outdated by the EN original's encoding changes пре 1 година
  Max Mehl 730e74cd98
change encoding to UTF-8 of all relevant files which are no outdated translations пре 1 година
  samtuke f5fde89b8d fixing links to reflect /projects migration пре 8 година
  samtuke bb4cac2288 migrated contents of /projects folder into /campaigns and /activities, and set rewrite rules to honor old urls пре 8 година
  Reinhard Müller ab9c18e1c4 Moved fp6 stuff from "documents" dir to "projects" dir. пре 12 година
  Reinhard Müller 2fb43e6a13 Fixed XML. пре 14 година
  Reinhard Müller f9a22b4554 XHTML cleanup, no change in content. пре 14 година
  villate 59946b5438 Portuguese translation of the 6th EU Framework Recommendation. пре 18 година