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André Ockers 32f9b265db NL translation of update of Internet Governance Forum 3 weeks ago
Max Mehl 32734204a4
fix href attribute typo 3 months ago
Luca Bonissi c008e5cab3 2nd batch of Italians translation for activity summary 11 months ago
Max Mehl 3edd78501e
Remove "FSFE" when used as prefix or suffix 1 year ago
Max Mehl e4b8eb9ddc
Overhaul format of activity files, and display them in localmenues 1 year ago
Max Mehl 12a9842e3a
Change project.en.xml to activity.en.xml and first syntax changes 1 year ago
Max Mehl fec52821e2
move igf, fp6 and fp7 out of policy folder 1 year ago
samtuke 8d6a2deb65 moved igf folder into policy folder 9 years ago
samtuke f5fde89b8d fixing links to reflect /projects migration 9 years ago
samtuke bb4cac2288 migrated contents of /projects folder into /campaigns and /activities, and set rewrite rules to honor old urls 9 years ago