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  shanecoughlan 921ddcb186 changed the final tips about having binary and source code distributed on the same server. This is a high priority update. 12 years ago
  shanecoughlan 09e1323464 renamed the 'rough guides' to 'useful tips' and changed the page title. translators, please note that the page titles and introductionary paragraphs need urgent fixing as they are currently only in English. 12 years ago
  shanecoughlan a24a97c872 Changed the third bullet point to: "Check that distributor does not claim sole copyright on the software if the software also contains code created by others." 12 years ago
  shanecoughlan 7539f53c38 changed the first paragraph text slightly, added link to bottom of the page 12 years ago
  shanecoughlan 1138cfa515 updated the documentation section quite a lot; translators please note that some files were removed and that the various versions of the documentation.html file need updating to change some text from English into other languages. 12 years ago