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EVENTS GUIDELINES: How to write a good event entry?
Event entries appear on our website front page if they are tagged with
"front-page" [1]. It is important to make sure that they are well designed and
give visitors sufficient information to decide if if they want to go there.
The events are maintained over the SVN from our website. The events are stored
under events/YYYY/. More information on how to get access to the website can be
found on our webmaster website
== The event entry ==
An event entry is a file with the name "event-YYYYMMDD-01.en.xml". Where
- YYYY is the year
- MM is the month
- DD is the day
- 01 is the number of the event on that day. The second event will have 02, ...
- en is the language code
In case of a multi day event, take the start date to determine the file name.
== Content of the file ==
The content of this files look like that:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<event start="YYYY-MM-DD" end="YYYY-MM-DD">
<title>Name of the Event, City, Country</title>
Information in one paragraph.
== General information ==
=== What should be highlighted? ===
When we write an event entry, we should make sure that -- besides the date --
it describes 1) why FSFE is promoting this event, 2) WHERE _exactly_ is this event taking
place, WHAT do you have to pay to get it, WHEN will be the speech.
1) Why are we promoting this event: Events entries appear on the start page. We
should take care of them. Sometimes, the only reason we are promoting an event
is because someone from FSFE is participating (giving a speech, a
conference...) then the event entry should say who, what his position is and
what the talk will be about.
2) Where this event takes place: In the title, make sure that the place where
the event is taking place is mentioned. For instance, "FSCONS 2009, Göteborg,
Sweden". More details should be brought in the description. Please also enter
street name and number so people find the event without having to look for that
information somewhere else.
Is this event open to public? Do you have to pay an admission fee? This
question should be answered in the description.
- Speaker(s) (mandatory, maybe as link)
- Title/Summary of speech/conference (mandatory)
- Language of speech/conference (mandatory)
- Start and end time of speech/conference (mandatory)
- Expected audience (optional)
- Possible link to preparatory/additional information (optional)
== Terminology ==
Whenever an event uses a terminology we do not encourage, like Open Source,
intellectual property or Linux instead of GNU/Linux; the event entry should
avoid this terms. And if necessary, e.g. when it is in the title it should be
quoted to avoid confusion.
=== Example ===
Open Source Day, Göteborg, Sweden [2009-11-13]
Adriaan de Groot and Karsten Gerloff will speak at [[this event dedicated to
how open source can increase profitability | link to the event]] by cost
reduction for small and medium-sized businesses. The seminar is organized by
Resource Point AB, a consulting firm focused on open source, in collaboration
with Informator and FSCONS, which is a meeting place for the propagation of
Free Software.
Should be replaced with
"Open Source Day," Göteborg, Sweden [2009-11-13]
Adriaan de Groot and Karsten Gerloff will speak about business case studies and
Free Software licenses at this event preceding FSCONS. The event takes place in
Göteburg at the World Culture Museum, Södra vägen 54, Gothenburg from 12.00 to
17.30. Attendance fee is 995 SEK (you get 30% rebate at FSCONS).
== Difference betweeen <page> and <link>
For links to external event pages we use <page> as for links to FSFE's websites
we use e.g. <link></link>. The difference is
that the links with <page> do not appear on the start page but only on, and are thus less strongly advertised, while the
links with <link> also appear on the start page.

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<figcaption>Reinhard Müller talking to his audience in Tübix, Germany</figcaption>
<img src="/picturebase/booths/201907-booth-Tubix_800pxl.png" alt="The FSFE also had a stand at Tubix" />
<figcaption>The FSFE also had a stand at Tubix.</figcaption>
<li>On July 22nd, the Franken community of the FSFE and the Nuremberg Hackerspace <a href="">hosted a joint lecture</a> about the basics and common misunderstandings of Free Software in Nuremberg, Germany.