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<title>#ilovefs Report 2014</title>
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<h1>#ilovefs Report 2014</h1>
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<p newsteaser="yes">Like in the last years on February 14th, people all
around the world expressed their gratitude and appreciation not only to
their partner but also to Free Software and its contributors. We asked you
to thank your favourite developers and projects and were overwhelmed by the
resonance in blogs, social networks and mailing lists.</p>
<p>Developers and contributors of Free Software projects work hard to ensure
our freedom and on this day surely many of them gained new motivation. Thank
you for participating in this year's #ilovefs campaign and enjoy some of the
many love declarations we collected:</p>
<h3>#ilovefs is crossing borders</h3>
<p>One speciality of #ilovefs is the broadband of people expressing their
love for Free Software. Year after year we recognise that Free Software is
not only a topic for programmers and professional users but for many groups
of people: the average computer users, artists, journalists, companies, and
among them also politicians. This year the parliamentary group of the Green
party in Germany wrote how important Free Software is in times of global
surveillance and in general. And as a small extra they also sent a nice
picture, which deserves much respect considering the stressful schedule of
<h3>Media coverage</h3>
<h3>Blog posts</h3>
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