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See our <a href="gplv3.html">GPLv3 project</a> page for information
on <a href="gplv3#participate">how to participate</a>. And you may
be interested in
our <a href="http://fsfe.org/transcripts#licences">list of
our <a href="http://wiki.fsfe.org/Transcripts#licences">list of
transcripts on GPLv3 and free software licences</a>.
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joining <a href="http://fellowship.fsfe.org/">the Fellowship of FSFE</a>,
and by encouraging others to do so. Transcription of this
presentation was undertaken
by <a href="/about/oriordan/oriordan.html">Ciaran O'Riordan</a>.
by Ciaran O'Riordan.
The video was made and processed by Sean Daly.</p>
<p>Richard Stallman launched