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<body class="article" microformats="h-entry">
<h1 class="p-name">FSFE Annual Report 2016</h1>
<div class="captioned">
<img src="/campaigns/15years/fsfe-15-badge.png" />
<p>FSFE celebrating 15 years in 2016</p>
<p newsteaser="yes">
It has been a busy year for the FSFE. Upholding the principles of
@@ -32,6 +36,7 @@ mobilising dozens of staff members and volunteers, contacting the media,
and designing and ordering T-shirts, squishy stress balls/hearts, and balloons,
lots of balloons.</p>

<p>What follows are just a few of the highlights from 2016.</p>

<hr />
@@ -102,9 +107,6 @@ sometimes vague and some parts directly wrong. Despite our best efforts,
the company employed to do the survey did not seem to know much about
Free Software at all.</p>

<hr />
<p>Join the FSFE to support our legal and policy work in 2017: <a href=""> </a></p>
<hr />

<p>That said, the EC and MEPs in charge of the project, were always open
to our comments and able to push for improvements, although they were bound
@@ -118,6 +120,9 @@ coordinator for Germany, sent out <a href="
with their Internet provider. <a href="">We published the results on our Wiki</a> to help others
who are thinking of changing their devices.</p>

<hr />
<p>Join the FSFE to support our policy work in 2017: <a href=""> </a></p>
<hr />

<h2 id="campaigns">Campaigns</h2>

@@ -142,6 +147,10 @@ Foundation, gifs of people squeezing our #ilovefs stress heart, and pictures
of people from all over Europe waving our "&lt;3 Free Software"

<div class="captioned">
<img src="graphics/news-20170109-01-social1_400.jpg" />

<p>In a similar vein, we wanted to help the general media, local newspapers, radios
and TV stations, to know more about Free Software. To this end we started
our "Meet a Free Software Hero" campaign. Part of our larger <a href="">15th Anniversary
@@ -154,9 +163,11 @@ media and it has now become much more usual for journalists to get in touch
with us to comment on stories. This gives us more visibility and influence
to affect changes in favour of Free Software.</p>

<p style="text-align: center;">
<img style="margin: 1.5em" src="/campaigns/15years/fsfe-15-badge.png" />
<div class="captioned">
<img src="graphics/balccon_400.jpg" />
<p>FSFE booth at BalCCon 2016 (thanks to Nikola Todorovic)</p>


@@ -171,6 +182,11 @@ models helped our Foundation fit right in and we sold plenty of
T-shirts, bags and baby vests. We also collected contact information
of people interested in our cause.</p>

<div class="captioned">
<img src="graphics/2016-09-ffm-rotlintstrassenfest_400.jpg" />
<p>FSFE at the Rotlint street festival</p>

<p>But we are prouder of the two big events we organised ourselves. In April
we held our annual <a href="">Legal and Licensing Workshop</a>. This Workshop
is set up by and for members of the FSFE's Legal Network. Legal experts
@@ -209,11 +225,10 @@ MEP for the Pirate Party, closed the event</a> with a keynote on copyright
proprietary software on voting machines was unacceptable.</p>

<div class="captioned">
<img src="/community/events/2016/summit/pictures/Summit_Booth2_200.jpeg" style="width:200px;height:150px;" />
<img src="/community/events/2016/summit/pictures/Summit_Booth2_400.jpeg" />
<p>Booth at the FSFE Summit</p>

<h2 id="network">Strengthening the Free Software Network</h2>

<p>Which brings us to the subject of how we used events to make the network
@@ -249,13 +264,18 @@ on core Free Software topics.</p>

<h2 id="2017">Coming up in 2017</h2>

<div class="captioned">
<img src="/campaigns/15years/pictures/pmpc-group-500.JPG" />
<p>FSFE campaign team preparing to show why public money should mean public code.</p>

<p>But there is still a lot of work to do and 2017 is shaping up to be
an interesting year. Although we have managed to get the ban on compulsory
routers into law, we expect that ISPs will fight back, so we will have
to be on guard for that. The threat of FRAND licensing and software
patents is never far off and we will have to continue advising lawmakers
on why these are dangerous for Free Software and the European software
industry in general.Katharina Nucon, policy coordinator of the German
industry in general. Katharina Nucon, policy coordinator of the German
Pirate Party, will be helping us with this campaign.</p>

<p>Most of our efforts, however, will most likely be spent pushing for
@@ -284,6 +304,9 @@ the use and development of Free Software and Open Standards.</p>
the general public. Every European citizen must be allowed to regain
control over the technology they use once and for all.</p>

<hr />
<p>Join the FSFE to support our work in 2017: <a href=""> </a></p>
<hr />

<h2 id="tl">TL;DR</h2>