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@ -205,12 +205,19 @@ and keep in mind that an FFP-2 mask is required during the event.</p>
Local group members are trying to organize meetings in <a href="">Madrid</a> and in <a href="">Barcelona</a>
to celebrate I Love Free Software Day. Contact the groups to stay
to celebrate I Love Free Software Day in Spain 🇪🇸. Contact the groups to stay
up to date with their plans!
<p> While Madrid will hold an event that day, Barcelona will celebrete it on the 16 of February</p>
<p>⏰ From 18:30h</p>
<p>📍MakeSpace Madrid (Calle de la Arquitectura 18)</p>
<p>⏰ From 18:30h</p>
(Carrer d'En Bot, 21, 08002 Barcelona)</p>
<p>🇪🇸 📍Madrid and Barcelona</p>
<p>⏰ TBA</p>
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