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<title>Free Software in Education</title>
<h1>Why Free Software matter in Education</h1>
<p>School and universities are the place where we teach the next generations
the values of our societies, but also the knowledge they need to find a
place in that society. It is also there that they learn how to use computer,
how to interact with internet, etc....<br/>Schools should teach children to be good members of the community, and schools should not provide product training for companies that do not respect freedom.</p>
<p> Amongst <a href="/freesoftware/education/argumentation.html">other arguments for deploying Free Software in schools</a>, here are four of the key benefits:
<strong>Sharing:</strong> Using free software allows schools to
teach children to share and cooperate.
<strong>Learning to program:</strong> The possibility/freedom to
tinker motivates children to learn more.
<strong>Easy to administer:</strong> Free Software is stable,
secure and reliable. It offers unrestricted access to the source
code, thus allowing to modify or adapt it to the schools'
<strong>Licenses:</strong> With Free Software, teachers can give
a copy to each student. There is no risk to mislead any child
to use an illegal copy.
<p>If you want to go deeper into the subject, consider the following pages&#160;:</p>
<ul><li><a href="/freesoftware/education/argumentation.html">Why school should use free software</a></li>
<li><a href="/projects/education/argumentation.html">Why give preference to free software in schools</a></li>
<li><a href=""> page on education</a></li>
<h2>FSFE's activities</h2>
<p>If you want to learn more about FSFE's activities with regard to education, please visit our <a href="/projects/education.html">education project</a></p>
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