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<title>Documentation - Tagged news and events, country pages</title>
<p id="category"><a href="/contribute/">Contribute</a></p>
<h1>Documentation - Tagged news and events, country pages</h1>
<p id="introduction">
As you can see on <a href="/about/gb/gb.en.html">the UK page</a>,
it is possible to display news or events that have a special tag,
e.g. a country code.
This helps setting up pages easily with specific news items or events.
The list of people displayed on this same page has also been automated,
so it makes it easy to implement your own country page.
<h2>Tagged news and events</h2>
<h3>Using the fetch-news template</h3>
the "tag" parameter defines what news will be displayed. If you are
building up a country page, this is your country code. Leave blank
if you wish to receive news items with any tags.
<p class="terminal"><text>&lt;xsl:with-param name="tag" select="'<var>your tag</var>'"/&gt;</text></p>
the "nb-items" parameter determines how many news items will be displayed
<p class="terminal"><text>&lt;xsl:with-param name="nb-items" select="'<var>x</var>'" /&gt;</text></p>
<h3>Using the fetch-events template</h3>
fetch-events works in a very similar manner to fetch-news, tag and nb-items
work the same way. Here are some addings:
the "wanted-time" parameter defines what events you want to see, "past",
"present" or "future"
<p class="terminal"><text>&lt;xsl:with-param name="wanted-time" select="'<var>time</var>'" /&gt;</text></p>
the "header" parameter determines the text that will be displayed on top
of your block of events (used e.g. on events/events.xsl)
possible values, 'future', 'current' or 'past'
<p class="terminal"><text>&lt;xsl:with-param name="header" select="'<var>time</var>'" /&gt;</text></p>
the "display-details" parameter says if 'yes' or 'no' you will have
the details of each event displayed along with its date and title
<p class="terminal"><text>&lt;xsl:with-param name="display-details" select="'<var>yes|no</var>'" /&gt;</text></p>
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