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Election results for FSFE's Fellowship GA seat
Election results for FSFE's Fellowship GA seat
<h2>And the winner is...</h2>
All through the month of February, FSFE's Fellows cast their votes
for one of their number to represent them in FSFE's General
Assembly. The election period ended yesterday at midnight, with
the following results:
<strong>Hugo Roy</strong>, condorcet winner: wins contests with all other choices.
<strong>Kostas Boukouvalas</strong>, loses to Hugo Roy by 8767
<p> "In the name of FSFE, I would like to thank Kostas and Hugo for
running for this important office, and congratulate Hugo on his
election," says FSFE's President Karsten Gerloff. "He has already
brought many creative ideas to FSFE, and I look forward to seeing
him play an even greater role as Fellowship representative."
In the General Assembly, Hugo Roy will join Julia Klein, the
current holder of the second Fellowship representative
seat. Fellowship coordinator Matthias Kirschner adds: "Thanks to
all Fellows who participated in the whole process. Thanks to
Kostas for his commitment, and last but not least, congratulations
to Hugo!"
<h2>Details of the result</h2>
<p>The detailed report is available on the <a href="">voting plattform</a>. </p>
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can <a href="">download
ballots</a> as a CSV.
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