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<p newsteaser="yes">The Free Software Foundation Europe calls on all Europeans to seek out
advertisements for proprietary PDF readers on their government's
websites, and report them. In addition, FSFE has prepared
<a href="www.fsfe.org/campaigns/pdfreaders/petition.html">a petition</a>
<a href="/campaigns/pdfreaders/petition.html">a petition</a>
demanding an end to such advertising practices, and encourages the
public to <a href="www.fsfe.org/campaigns/pdfreaders/petition.html">sign it</a>.</p>
public to <a href="/campaigns/pdfreaders/petition.html">sign it</a>.</p>
<p>"Every time that state websites link to non-free applications and
encourage visitors to use them, they needlessly encourage citizens to
throw away their freedom", says Karsten Gerloff, FSFE's President.</p>
<p>As websites such as <a href="http://pdfreaders.org/">pdfreaders.org</a> demonstrate, Free
Software PDf readers exist for all major operating systems. Fellows of
Software PDF readers exist for all major operating systems. Fellows of
FSFE launched the project in 2009 in response to public bodies' habit
of advertising a particular non-free product on their sites.</p>
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<p>The hunt begins on September 13th, and will continue until October
17th 2010. Prizes will be awarded at the end of October to the
individual or group who reports the greatest number of non-free
individuals and groups who report the greatest number of proprietary software
advertisements on government websites.</p>
<p>Happy hunting!</p>